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Who volunteers? People who hear the call to duty and believe that it is the responsibility of free men and women to serve their state. People like you!

Able bodied men and women between the ages of 17 and 59 are eligible to serve. Prior service is not required; your assignment depends on your civilian, and/or military experience and skill level. You will be trained in all required skills at monthly drill sessions from ALSDF personnel. There is no need for extended leave from your family or your job.

You will receive no pay for drills, just as your forefathers. You will provide a portion of your own uniform and personal gear, just as your forefathers. When activated by the Governor, you will be paid Federal rates for all state service, just as your forefathers. You will maintain the true state guard tradition of Concord, Bunker Hill, and Yorktown. You will join the long line of volunteers who have defended this nation for centuries!

If you can spend 1 drill day per month and 2 days a year for annual training, then the Alabama State Defense Force can be your key to a rewarding and satisfying experience of service to your country, your state, and your fellow man.

If you think you have what it takes to be a member of the Alabama State Defense Force...

   For First Brigade contact SFC Larry Peart
  11765 US Hwy 431 South
  Telephone: 1-256-572-2998

   For Second Brigade contact CSM Richard C. Ely
  173 Valley View Circle
  Pell City, AL 35128

   For Third Brigade contact Recruiter

   For Fourth Brigade contact COL Ralph F. Southern
  3732 Honeysuckle Court
  Montgomery, AL 36109
  Telephone: 1-334-272-3433